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What is the first thing you wish to manifest?

Consciousness, Connection and Commitment will make everything possible!

From heart to heart

Consciousness Coaching 

Consciousness Coaching is therefore using this power, this energy, this force to work through you in your coaching where the magic happens like a dance when you surrender to your partner, not sure what the next step is, yet trusting in the moment, to take its course. In Consciousness Coaching®️ there is awareness creation, awareness, expansion and eventually an acquisition of the power to operate consciousness to empower the client to reach where he/she/ wishes to arrive.

This brand of coaching goes beyond the regular fare of Executive Coaching, Life Coaching and Leadership Development in a profound way, in that it focuses on this vital energy and ego blocks that can resist and slow down initiated changes that may emerge from sessions of regular coaching. 
Consciousness Coaching® begins like when a Zen Master prepares in silence and meditation to clear his mind, his ‘space’, his vessel, so that he can give his 100% to others he comes in contact with and does not begin before ‘clearing the space’ for the client, ensuring he/she is totally present.

This is done through a resplendent series of steps that assists the client into ‘slowing down’, taking a breath and doing a ‘state-check’ of his/ her internal terrain through guided questions by which the client puts to rest all that may come in the way of an experience of total immersion to receive the best outcomes, even if it were a speed coaching initiative. Because the path is clear, the dance can begin and commitments can be consummated with clarity and enthusiasm for action. For best results both coach and client surrender to something larger than themselves and allow discovery and wonder to happen.

by Amita Nandi, TACT WORLD, Malaysia, amita@tactworldwide.com

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I see a World where people are able to communicate consciously coming from an empowering and heart-centred context. My vision is to support individuals and team in creating the life they wish to live through consciousness and their own essence!

I see Freedom and Authenticity everywhere!